Two university friends are offering you a chance to win your next home. The pair are giving away their £230,000 property in Inner Avenue, Southampton for just a £5 raffle ticket. All entrants have to do is answer a simple grammar question before being placed in the draw. After deciding to go their separate ways, Alice Schwausch and Jess Sharpe want to help others achieve their dream of owning a home by winning their property rather than selling it using a traditional agency. They’re hoping to sell a huge 46,000 raffle tickets to get their money back!

Win Your Next Home Written On A Chalkboard In The Property
Win Your Next Home Written On A Chalkboard In The Property

If you were to win the property, you’ll receive a two bed house which comes fully furnished including a flat screen TV, two double beds, storage units and a kettle for just a £5 fee. The money raised will go towards the pair’s mortgage on their next home whilst they’re hoping to raise £30,000 for the charity, Simon Says Child Bereavement Support, a charity supporting children suffering from losing a close family member. If you’d like to enter the competition you have until June 9th 2018. All you have to do is answer the simple question below and submit your entry online at

“The girls have decided to offer one lucky winner the chance to win _________ house”. (What’s the correct grammatical phrase? A There B Their C They’re)