Great Western Railway Cricket Club have opened their brand new private clubhouse after a generous donation from Waterstone Homes. The home builders kindly donated £600 to the local cricket club allowing them to redevelop their clubhouse and play cricket their for the next five years. The newly refurbished clubhouse will begin to help the team attract new members to the club whilst provide them with a facility they can use to improve their training sessions. The donation from Waterstone Homes has enabled the club to install a modern kitchen, shower facilities and insulation in the clubhouse.

Waterstone Home Builders And Great Western Railway Cricket Club
Waterstone Homes And Great Western Railway Cricket Club

Waterstone home builders have always had a passion for helping their local community in South Wales. On June 16th 2017 the housing providers are teaming up with Construction experts, Jehu Group, to organise a charity band night. The night is being organised to raise funds for suicide awareness charity, CALM. CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) were set up in 1997 to tackle male suicides. If you’re in Cardiff and like to purchase tickets please click here.

Waterstone Home Builders Charity Band Night
Waterstone Homes And Jehu Group’s Charity Band Night

As well as this, back in May Waterstones attended one of Jehu Group’s regular construction workshops. The workshop took place at St Illtyd Primary School and taught children construction skills they’ll be bale to use in the future. Waterstones tweeted their participation at the workshop below!