Milton Keynes Estate & Letting Agents, Connells turned life-savers for a day after noticing smoke billowing out of two garages in the nearby neighborhood. The lettings team decided to go and investigate before two containers stored by the garages burst into flames. They realised the fire was likely to spread to other houses so immediately acted by phoning the fire service, whilst Branch Manager, Laura Garnett instructed her staff to evacuate the local residents by knocking on their doors.

Lettings Life Savers Connells Prevented The Fire From Spreading
The Fire Destroyed Two Garages, Damaged Two Homes And Vehicles

One of the local residents realised their cat and dog was inside one of the garages, so Branch Manager, Laura and the resident, bravely decided to go back into the blazing home. Within seconds, Laura found the dog but the cat was nowhere to be seen before a second explosion hit. Laura knew she had to leave so carried the dog and elderly resident out of the house. Meanwhile the firefighters had arrived, they were dealing with a lethal canister nearby the garages which was likely to explode, potentially wiping out the whole street. They eventually prevented this from exploding and put on the fire destroying two garages whilst damaging two homes and two vehicles.

The Team At Lettings Specialists, Connells Milton Keynes
The Team At Connells Milton Keynes

The amazing and heroic behavior from lettings and estate agent specialists, Connells ultimately saved the whole street from destruction. Branch Manager, Laura went on to explain how if nobody had acted the fire could have been even more serious.