Athina Morse, a young estate agent has filmed her top estate agent tips! Athina’s published several videos on her YouTube channel outlining several key estate agent tips. In this video, she goes on to discuss how young estate agents can be successful should they be attending an interview with an estate agent, whilst she also goes on to explain how they can gain essential knowledge of the property industry before attending an interview. Athina’s previous experience includes being a Sales Consultant at Hadley & Co, Sales Negotiator at Your Move, Sales Consultant at James Laurence and Leasing Consultant at HMS Homes.

Young Estate Agent, Athina Morse Provides Her Estate Agent Tips
Young Estate Agent, Athina Morse

We’d like to congratulate Athina for her success in creating her videos, this video itself has received an incredible 9.7 thousand views! Other key videos published by Athina include an outline on how to manage an applicant as well as tips and tricks on using the correct “magic” words when selling a property. The videos have received tremendous comments including questions for Athina to answer in her upcoming videos. Should you wish to subscribe to Athina’s YouTube channel, please click here.


  1. This is amazing to see! I didn’t even realise how popular my videos were! This has given me such a boost to get back on YouTube and make some more ! Thank you so much for the recognition! Athina Morse