Horton and Garton have written a blog expressing their love for estate agency. Written by their Managing Director, John Horton, the blog goes on to outline everything he loves about agents and estate agency itself. This lovable blog was published on Valentines Day for every tenant, buyer or seller to see.

Horton And Garton Share How They Love Estate Agency
8 Things Horton And Garton Love About Agents

John begins his list of love by explaining how he loves the fact estate agents are human beings. He goes on to explain how he chooses to believe people are fundamentally good and how this is true with agents. Other things he loves about agents includes their work ethic, their superb ability to communicate, an agent’s power for positive thinking as well as their ability to be proud, passionate professionals. Lastly, he loves how agents can build up an in depth knowledge of a certain area whilst provide a superlative service, listening to their clients and knowing when to speak. We loved how John’s gone on to express how he and the team love estate agency so much we thought it deserved to be in Good Property News. Click here to read the full blog!