Barnsley Federation of Tenants and Residents (TARAs) is encouraging its staff to share random acts of kindness tenants can do, for their upcoming annual AGM meeting. So far, several pictures have been tweeted by the federation, mentioning good deeds such as donating food to the homeless, having a cuppa with an elderly person, taking the rubbish out for your neighbour or teaching someone a new skill!

A Random Act Of Kindness Tenants Can Do Shared By Barnsley Federation
A Random Act Of Kindness Shared By Barnsley Federation

The federation itself runs alongside Barnsley Council and Berneslai Homes to ensure resident’s views are considered. They’ve set up what they call “Challenge Berneslai” to ensure they’re continuing to provide essential services for tenants and residents. Twice a year, a review is held based upon Berneslai Homes performance. This is then drawn up into a report entitled “Calls For Action” listing questions the federation has along with the answers by Berneslai Homes. So far as a result of this, the federation has since reduced fly-tipping in the community, whilst a specialist repairs hotline was set up.

Barnsley Federation Share A Random Act Of KIndness Tenants Can Do
Barnsley Federation Share A Random Act Of KIndness

The federation’s main aim is to improve homes, estates and neighbourhoods. This promotional campaign is one example of the federation sharing the good things tenants and residents can do to improve their community!