It seems Portico Property are setting their agency up in several coffee shops! Innovatively, the London letting agents are expanding their short-let service into Manchester and Liverpool by planting their agency in several coffee shops across the cities. Their service run in partnership with AirBnb, “Portico Host” aims to attract landlords and property management professionals into investing in the short-let market. Their service includes a dedicated Account Manager assisting landlords with managing their short-let, whilst specialist insurance is provided alongside a free handyman who will carry out vital repairs, inspections and reports after every booking. The service has already proved popular in London. Find out more about Portico’s service by clicking here.

 Portico's Short-Let Service, Portico Host
Portico’s Short-Let Service, Portico Host

The first coffee shop to join Portico in Manchester and Liverpool are Pot Kettle Black, a coffee shop in the Manchester area whilst there is yet to be a coffee shop announced in Liverpool. Portico’s aiming to open their agency up in active environments where the property industry’s thriving such as in the North. Good Property News would like to congratulate Portico for such an innovative approach! Looks like we’ll be taking a trip to a coffee shop!