Luton letting agents, MyLetz have been supporting their local community. After contacting Luton Bid about the mess of Chapel Street, an alleyway in Luton town centre, they discovered their budget was too low to fix it. The alleyway itself suffers from continuous fly tipping and is sometimes used as a public toilet, so Myletz felt they had to do something.

Luton Letting Agents MyLetz
The Team At MyLetz

As a result, the team at MyLetz decided to help Luton Bid, an organisation set to support the re-development of Luton, by taking their own buckets and bin bags along to the alleyway to clean it themselves. Matt and Richie from MyLetz took part in the cleaning process, picking up litter as well as removing any debris. They are also planning the erection of a gate in the alleyway in co-operation with Luton Bid. MyLets recorded this video of their generous good deed within the community! Back in July, Good Property News also reported MyLetz incredible fundraising for Luton and Dunstable hospital.

Myletz have taken it upon ourselves to help support our local community so we cleaned up the alleyway of Chapel Street in town centre. It is suffering from continuous fly tipping, and abused as a public toilet! After Richie spoke to Luton Bid, we are trying to orgainse the erection of a gate which will benefit all that use the area. On hearing that the Luton Bid budget was very low, Mat and Richie from myletz went down there with buckets and bin bags. Mat removed all the bins and did all the heavy work and Richie did what he could to support him…..We are glad we were able to do our bit to help Luton residents live in a cleaner environment and refuse to allow our tenants to suffer from fly tippers. myletz stands firm with Luton Bid and will always try our best to help when we can.

Posted by on Wednesday, 18 October 2017