Butcher Residential have teamed up with BARC (Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity) to help home abandoned animals across the Yorkshire region. The agent’s have selected BARC as their chosen charity and will be promoting their work in homing abandoned animals across its branches. Collection boxes will be placed in each office whilst should you have any leftover pet food, animal toys, blankets or old towels, Butcher Residential would be happy to receive them as a donation to BARC. Posters will also be put up in in every Butcher branch, highlighting animals in the charity needing a home.

Posters In Aid Of BARC Displayed At Butcher Residential
Posters In Aid Of BARC Displayed At Butcher Residential

Throughout 2017, the team at Butchers will also be carrying out a series of fundraising events in aid of BARC. To begin with, the agent’s will be giving the local community a chance to re-name their little Olivia Brown terrier, currently called Barbara. The team here at Good Property News have come up with a list of possible names including Molly, Pippin or even Olivia! In order to operate, BARC rely completely on donations from the local community whether this be through money, animals toys or blankets or volunteers willing to help out and Butcher’s fantastic work goes a long way in helping them!

Butcher Residential Olivia Brown Terrier
Butcher Residential’s Olivia Brown Terrier