The Fine & Country Foundation have been fighting homelessness by helping to build homes in Bangladesh. The team at Fine & Country have set up the “Happy Homes” project to help tackle homelessness in the country. Each month they’re donating to the Lalbagh Happy Home for vulnerable girls who support 30 vulnerable girls, helping them live in a safe and secure environment.

Sean Newman Meets The Girls At The Lalbagh Happy Home For Homelessness
Sean Newman Meets The Girls At The Lalbagh Happy Home

Whilst providing a monthly donation, back in 2016, Fine & Country Warwickshire and West Midlands Director, Sean Newman and two teammates, hopped in a Tuk Tuk and headed on a Rickshaw Challenge across India. As well as meeting everyone at the Lalbagh Happy Home, they completed 3,000km across India dressed as Teletubbies. They successfully raised an incredible £33,000 for the Happy Home, congratulations!

Sean Newman And Two Teammates Compete The Rickshaw Challenge For Homelessness In India
Sean Newman And Two Teammates Take On The Rickshaw Challenge

The foundation are fully committed to helping the Lalbagh Happy Home help the 30 young homeless girls. They believe in 4 objectives, these being proving the girls with safe shelter, improving their health and wellbeing, providing them with educational and recreational opportunities and developing skills that will help them generate an income and self dependence. The work the foundation’s doing is simply incredible and we at Good Property News look forward to hearing more about Fine & Country’s contribution towards homelessness in Bangladesh. If you would like to donate towards the Foundation’s project please click here!