Estate Agents, DJ Alexander are helping a homeless man and his dog in Edinburgh after he was attacked with a hammer and his dog was stabbed. Lesley Baldwin, who was friends with Darryl and his dog Max and worked in the nearby Standard Life offices, wanted to do something to get the pair of the streets. Lesley decided to set up a fundraising page aiming for £2,000 but managed to raise an incredible total of £17,000 from local residents in the area and across the UK! The page itself has been shared thousands of times across the internet.

Homeless Man
A Message Left By Homeless Darryl

DJ Alexander are planning to help the homeless man and his dog with the money raised, getting them back on their feet. A meeting has been organised with Darryl to arrange his rental accommodation, making an incredible difference to his daily life. As well as fundraising, people have been donating clothes, food and drink to help Darryl. If you would like to donate please click here.

DJ Alexander
The Team At DJ Alexander