Purplebricks Estate Agent, Dan Stevenson went viral after a mother of 2 decided to take a picture of him with her two children, after carrying out a valuation on her home. After his visit to the Wandsworth home, the image was posted on Instagram and to the Motherload Facebook Group to suddenly receive thousands of messages from mums asking for him to value their home. The image was then posted 30,000 times across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram sparking the hashtag #FindDan.

Dan Stevenson With Mother of 2, Lorna Hayward

According to the Mother of 2, Lorna Hayward, the children couldn’t stop following Dan around the house, continuing to ask him for cuddles and at one point ask if he could stop for dinner, prompting her to take the image. Dan started to receive messages and friend requests from women on Facebook as he went about his Friday night, before receiving an email from his CEO on Saturday morning explaining what had happened with a link to various articles. Purplebricks are now offering to sell Lorna Hayward’s house for free. Should you wish to have Dan value your house, you can look his name up on the Purplebricks website.