The team at Goldcrest are dashing across London for today’s LandAid Day! Beginning at their headquarters in South West London and finishing at Steve Edge Design in North London, Goldcrest will race each other using three different modes of transport, from the bike to the electric car to using public transport.

The Team At Goldcrest Take On A LandAid Day Challenge
The Team At Goldcrest

Goldcrest are asking people to kindly pick and sponsor who they think will win the nine mile race. Members taking part in race include Acquisition Executives, Stuart Brightmore, Francesca Butterworth and Scarlett Knights, Architect, Mike Barrie and HR Development Director, Carolyn Malet De Cateret. So far, Goldcrest have raised an amazing £1,150 for LandAid! If you’d like to donate please click here to visit their fundraising page!

LandAid Day
LandAid Day

The annual LandAid Day was set up to help homelessness across the UK. Thousands of property professionals will be taking part in a series of fundraising events, just as Goldcrest are doing. This year participants are being encouraged to take part in a sport themed event as this year’s theme is health and wellbeing! Find out more about the fundraising day here!