Baxter Estate Agents have raised an incredible £2,453 for the Stroke Association. Their fundraising would not have been possible without their Managing Director, Ami Baxter. After her mother, Sue, passed away in 2014 due to a stroke, Ami realised she needed to do something to help others in the same situation. She started donating £5 to the charity for every house she sold in 2015 before going on to help the charity even further with the rest of the team at Baxters.

Ami Baxter From Baxter Estate Agents With Her Mum Sue
Ami Baxter With Her Mum Sue

Baxter Estate Agents have been asking their customers and the local community of Yorkshire to donate towards the Stroke Association when they visit their office, resulting in them raising a fantastic total of £2,453 to date. They’ve also been praised for their amazing charity work by the Stroke Association after receiving a certificate of appreciation in the post, recognising their achievement in helping the charity! Baxters even tweeted their success!

The Stroke Association help support over 112,300 people suffering from a stroke across the Yorkshire region. With their support they hope to give those people suffering from reading, writing, speaking and understanding their voice again.