Robert Ulph, Managing Director of Ipswich based, Pennington Estate Agents got the chance to appear in a new advert. After being approached by Propertymark, he innovatively agreed to appear in their new campaign. Robert was one of several agents carrying an estate agent board up a hill in their new advert. According to Robert, filming took several months to develop but it was extremely exciting being involved in such a huge production.

Robert Ulph Appearing In Propertymark's New Advert
Robert Ulph Appearing In Propertymark’s New Advert

The advert itself will be shown to encourage prospective tenants, buyers and sellers to look for the “Propertymark Protected” logo. It will also encourage other Propertymark registered agents to visibly showcase their membership, whether it’s by sticking a logo in their office window or on their website. The advert is scheduled to be broadcast across various channels including Good Food, Eden, Discovery, More 4, Home, Sky Sports News and Sky Living and is said to receive 30 million or more views. The full advert can be viewed here.